One Step Closer to Digging!

I received the following e-mail from Steve King this morning! We don’t know how long The Rotary Foundation will take before we hear if the grant is approved, but, since they use the proposal process to screen out applications and we made it thru, that bodes well.

Hello Everyone,

I have more good news. I […]

It's All about Me! (And Digging Those Wells)

Dr. Jan Bowman, an award-winning Maryland fiction writer and photographer, interviewed me for her blog. If you want to find out more about me and encourage others to Dig This Well!, please repost or “like” this on Facebook.

To read more from Jan, including several stories she has written, visit her home page. Writing in […]

The Danger of Unclean Water

Steve King is re-working the grant proposal to send it ASAP to The Rotary Foundation. He asked Jackson about villagers dying from unclean water. Here is Jackson’s reply:

It is very clear that most people in the village(adults and children) suffer from Typhoid, Amoeba infections and Malaria. This is an indication that most people don’t […]