A Tour of Il Masin, the Leakey Vineyard

Hope, Becky, Carl, our guide Silas, and I spent a wonderful afternoon with Dr. Louise Leakey, enjoyed a tour of the family vineyard Il Masin, and sampled several bottles of wine (except Silas, who was driving). Winemaking is certainly very different from her work as a palaeontologist. Or maybe not. We last met Louise in […]

Great Migration 2012

Paul Kirui reports on his blog, “After a long wait, the wildebeests have now entered the Mara! This was confirmed yesterday after a fact finding mission round the entry points along the Mara and Serengeti border. Though this is still in its initial stages, every indication shows that the stage in the Mara is set […]

Amboseli Porini Camp

Each of the safari camps I’ve visited in three trips to Kenya is slightly different in ambience, wildlife to observe, and available activities (swimming pool, children’s playground, museum of artifacts of indigenous people, nature talks, etc.). The only features I have found common in all of them is great food and game drives with a […]

Visit to Kenya

Carl and I returned yesterday evening from a trip to Kenya, surely one of the world’s most fascinating travel destinations. (Daughter Hope and g’daughter Becky went on to trek in Rwanda. Hope e-mailed this morning that they saw two gorilla families.) I’ll include photos and items from my journal in the coming days. In brief […]