Steve King, of Leonardtown Rotary and our water guru, sent me this video of a guy photographing a cheetah on top of their vehicle in the Mara. Obviously, another person was back of him to video the excitement. Notice how many “wagons are circled” to watch by the end of the video!

<a href=””>Cheetah Jumps […]

Article in Highlights for Children

If you have access to Highlights for Children, a photo-essay about Jackson is in the October issue, pp. 22-23. I wrote the article and Carl took the photos on our 2008 trip to the Mara. Although one of my favorite photos, a mother lion nuzzling with her cub, was cut, we are very proud of […]

Wildebeest at Amboseli

In this brief video, Jackson Liaram explains that we are watching the white-bearded wildebeest (Dutch for wild beast), or gnu. They live about 20 years if they survive being a meal for predators. In fact, altho’ their name derives from a menacing appearance, the National Geographic website points out that the wildebeest “is better […]