JAMBO!--My Talk at Community Montessori School

The theme for the week at my daughter Bonnie Redmond’s Community Montessori School was charities and she asked me to talk for about 20 minutes to the 3-5 year olds. The group of 3 combined classes numbered about 50+ and what a wonderful bunch of smart, smiling, pleasant youngsters they were. Regardless of age, I […]

Still not convinced about the need for World Toilet Day?

Although November 19 has passed, we still need not to forget the vast number of people without proper sanitation facilities. Here’s a video that presents more information:


From Wasrag, the Rotarian Water & Sanitation Action Group

Hip-hip-hooray! It’s World Toilet Day!

If you have a toilet, you probably wonder why the cheering. If you don’t have access to one, you would definitely cheer about getting a well-constructed latrine, like the ones we hope to have at Oltorotua.

From Wasrag, the Rotarian Water & Sanitation Action Group

World Toilet Day: November […]

One More Step to Our

The “Big Dig” in Boston was what Wikipedia calls a megaproject. Our big dig is a lot less, well, big. In fact, it wouldn’t seem like a major project to many of us but, when you walk every day for water of questionable quality (read 5 miles for dirty, often muddy, contaminated water that must […]