Powerful Video about Sanitation and Drinking Water

Description of a powerful video from Community-Led Total Sanitation.

Let’s face it, s**t is disgusting. And food and water contaminated with s**t kills one child worldwide every 20 seconds – more than AIDS and Malaria combined.

But THE LAST TABOO is not a worthy documentary with a righteous message. Instead it uses humour and sincerity […]

Wells for Oltorotua!

Today’s post is the latest news from Tim Winter, as he takes over leadership of the Oltorotua project. His e-mail said:

Thanks to Steve King’s great leadership, we are ready to submit our Global Grant application for the Oltorotua Clean Water Project.

and he concluded with:

We are really looking forward to beginning work soon!


Can a well in Kenya move?

Sort of a trick question and yes, I admit, it’s a pretty weak one! A well can’t travel but an application to dig one can. Steve King, with whom Jackson and I have been in frequent contact since he took on the job of writing the grant for the Oltorotua Clean Water and Sanitation Project […]