The Social Savvy Hope to Help in Kenya's March 4th Elections

Steve King called to tell me that Fresh Air, at 2 p.m. locally on public radio, would discuss possible riots in Nairobi as the March 4th election nears. A few minutes later I exchanged text messages (or SMS, Short Message Service, as they are called in Kenya) with Jackson. An aside: Jackson, who is truly […]

Maasai Bravery!

Steve King sent the URL for this video. As Steve wrote, “These are some mighty brave Maasai!”

Click here to see just how brave! Going to the supermarket doesn’t make my heart pound like it would “shopping” with these chaps in southern Kenya.

Below is a photo of Jackson and his brother Nterere. I will […]

A Big Step toward Digging Those Wells!

I awoke to an e-mail this morning from Steve King, who wrote the grant application for Oltorotua’s well/sanitation project. He said, “Catherine Obimo’s authorization has been officially acknowledged. The District 9200 Governor [which includes Kenya] may now give his authorization and TRF [The Rotary Foundation] will begin their review.” Catherine is a wonderful person and […]

Visit by Patty & Paul Maeder to Oltorotua

As a safari guide, Jackson takes many visitors around Amboseli National Park and the Selenkay Conservancy. Most of the time he loves his work, although last week was rough. He says driving on muddy roads in Kenya is as difficult as driving on ice and snow in the US. But he loves meeting visitors, mostly […]

Saving the African Elephant

From the introduction to Saving the African Elephant: A Call to Spiritual Responsibility in National Geographic:

The Society for Conservation Biology‘s Religion and Conservation Research Collaborative released a statement last week calling upon the world’s religious leaders to stop using elephant ivory. As the statement notes, “In addition to the ethical concerns raised by […]