What Grant Approval by The Rotary Foundation Means & Thanks to You

Digging Wells for Oltorotua

The approval of the grant by The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is a huge step forward. It means that three wells will be dug and the villagers will be provided hygiene training, to take advantage of the health benefits from clean water. It also means the Nakuru-Great Rift Valley (GRV) Rotary Club […]

The Rotary Foundation Approves the Oltorotua Grant Applications!

Soon no more daily lugging big containers of marginally-drinkable water for the women of Oltorotua. Three wells will provide clean, potable water. More tomorrow, but I want to share that The Rotary Foundation approved the grant application.

The U.S.—from Jackson's Point of View

Jackson returned to Kenya exactly a month ago, so below are his thoughts about his US visit before he flew home.

The three weeks have been a brain awakening to me and to the village and my family with whom I will share all the experiences. Every single day and every event that you did […]