Fresh Water in Oltorotua!

Dan Odero, our hydrogeologist, sent an e-mail with the good news at 2:55 EST this afternoon:

Hi All,

Newsflash started drilling today hit water at 72m this evening. Will keep you updated.



Seventy-two meters is 236 feet, a deep well, but, as Steve King said when he phoned me, “At least they hit […]

Oltorotua Prepares for Water from Wells!

Jackson sent me an e-mail that said, “The villagers of Oltorotua and I are happy about the water drillers being expected on site.” Dan Odero, our hydrogeologist, notified him to expect drillers on February 22. Jackson is on leave from camp during the drilling and called a meeting “to discuss on the water project issues […]

The wells are coming, the wells are coming!

U.S. readers will recognize “The wells are coming!” as a take-off of the shout-out attributed to Paul Revere when he rode through the countryside to warn colonists that the British were coming. In this case, we are relieved and happy that, at last, the date has been set to dig the three boreholes at Oltorotua. […]