Clean, Fresh Water for Oltorotua at Last!

On May 28, U.S. Rotarians involved in digging the well and I received an e-mail from Jackson that read:

We have run from far and just about to finish the race!!!! On behalf of OLTOROTUA residents, I would like share with you the HAPPINESS and JOY from Oltorotua. Now we are fetching clean water from […]

Final Steps to Completion of Oltorotua's Well

Here are photos Jackson Liaram sent, with an explanation from Steve King of the Leonardtown Rotary Club. Steve wrote the grant and shepherded it through the initial stages until Tim Winter, Deborah Morrone and the Fredericktowne Rotary with Catherine Tomno and Benson Lukania of the Rotary Club of Nakuru-Great Rift Valley, took on responsibility for […]

Soon, Very Soon: No More Walking Miles for Clean Water!


Jackson sent the photo of himself near the well site and wrote, “Attached find the photos of the work in progress on the well site.”

Great news! Ben Lukania of the Nakuru-Great Rift Valley Rotary Club sent an e-mail that the actual work would soon begin and continue until completion–that means the time is […]