Amboseli Porini Camp

Each of the safari camps I’ve visited in three trips to Kenya is slightly different in ambience, wildlife to observe, and available activities (swimming pool, children’s playground, museum of artifacts of indigenous people, nature talks, etc.).  The only features I have found common in all of them is great food and game drives with a knowledgeable guide.  Rather than give a detailed travel log in chronological order, I will focus on a few special features of each camp over the next few weeks.

We spent three days with Jackson as our guide at Amboseli Porini Camp, known for its huge herds of elephants that allow you to get close.  I mean really close.  Like elephants ambling in front of our car.  Jackson said a mother elephant with baby would never allow us to get so close in the Maasai Mara.  Having been in a Land Rover in the Mara when a mother elephant got riled, I was a little nervous but trusted Jackson’s knowledge of animals and he was right!  The herd walked on and paid us no never mind!

You may think all I did was eat, but I must tell you that the chef at the camp heard I prefer vegetarian food and made me two special dinners.  The vegetable ragout was superb!  And this is a bush camp, not a place where, if you need a special ingredient, you run out to get it.

We also visited a Maasai village.  Click here for a short YouTube clip of the village women and warriors greeting us.  My favorite moment was when we were ready to leave and a grandmother came to the window of our vehicle to shake my hand.  We grasped each other’s hands tightly–The unspoken language grandmothers share is universal.  I got tears in my eyes.


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