American Values--What's wrong with this picture?

I found at that the top nine — only nine — contributors to the Super PAC Restore Our Future turned over $11 million to the Republican party.  And This Week (May 25, 2012) reported, “President Obama raised nearly $15 million in one night at a fund-raiser last week at the Los Angeles home of actor George Clooney.”  With all the talk by politicians about “American values,” I find the money contributed to financing campaigns obscene.

What did I do yesterday?  I decorated a money jar and Carl cut a hole in the top for people to drop coins to benefit Dig This Well! next Sunday at the church’s ice cream social and our Social & Environmental Justice mini-expo.  So far, friends and church members have contributed $2,249.47 and I thank contributors much.  My friends and family are, like us, middle-class educators, government workers, retired, etc. and they have given generously.  It’s the very wealthy who donate huge amounts to campaigns I wonder about.  Hey, guys, do you donate to charitable causes?  How about a few dollars for tiny but very worthy projects like Dig This Well?

Bob Perry, in Houston, can you hear me?  If you gave $3,000,000 to a political party, could you send me a teeny little (to you) $2,000 so we can start digging?

Miriam and Sheldon Adelson, I don’t know what Newt Gingrich did with the $18 million your family gave him, but I could sure use what to you is just a measly $100,000 to get those latrines in.  Think of it, Mr. & Mrs. Adelson–you could provide sanitation, and with it a better chance for good health for 1000 men, women, and, especially, children in Oltorotua. Of course, you would receive in return only a feeling of doing good, of demonstrating what American values should be.

Does anyone out there reading this have an “in” with someone really wealthy, someone who wants to change the picture the world is receiving of “American values”?

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