The Lion Guardians

This 19 minutes video is mesmerizing and the photography gorgeous. Wonderful to see the Maasai willing to change established traditions to protect the environment, the wildlife, and their cattle.

Warning: The video does have one scene of a dead lion’s entrails and a scary face-off between warriors and lion but they are brief.


Fresh Water in Oltorotua!

Dan Odero, our hydrogeologist, sent an e-mail with the good news at 2:55 EST this afternoon:

Hi All,

Newsflash started drilling today hit water at 72m this evening. Will keep you updated.



Seventy-two meters is 236 feet, a deep well, but, as Steve King said when he phoned me, “At least they hit […]

Oltorotua Prepares for Water from Wells!

Jackson sent me an e-mail that said, “The villagers of Oltorotua and I are happy about the water drillers being expected on site.” Dan Odero, our hydrogeologist, notified him to expect drillers on February 22. Jackson is on leave from camp during the drilling and called a meeting “to discuss on the water project issues […]

The wells are coming, the wells are coming!

U.S. readers will recognize “The wells are coming!” as a take-off of the shout-out attributed to Paul Revere when he rode through the countryside to warn colonists that the British were coming. In this case, we are relieved and happy that, at last, the date has been set to dig the three boreholes at Oltorotua. […]

Gazetting the Drilling Tender Tomorrow

Pundits oft times say Britain and America are “two nations divided by a common language.” Which may have possibly been said by Winston Churchill, George Bernard Shaw or Oscar Wilde. Which, in turn, suggests the Monty Python skit in which Wilde and Shaw take turns exchanging witticisms before the King. Wilde repeatedly reacts to Shaw’s […]

Hip-hip-hooray! It's World Toilet Day!

Let’s start a movement (sorry, my quirky sense of humor got the best of me) to take away the stigma of talking about toilets. We in the Western world are too overly respectable about what we all must do. Yet 2.5 billion people lack clean toilets and our prissiness holds us back from shouting, “I […]

Well Update

You’d think I would get a lot done during the two weeks awaiting the birth of my first great-grandchild. I did. But I had fun with family, who made travel plans based on dr.’s estimated due date. Like all babies, Olivia Hope Wiesman, 7 lbs., arrived on her own time schedule, Oct. 22. She is, […]

WASRAG—Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group

I love each monthly issue of WASRAG, a.k.a. Start with Water. This e-newsletter is available to anyone, including non-Rotarians like me. It has a lot of great ideas and information about wells, water, and sanitation in general. Not preachy, just good readable information. Click Sign up for our Email Newsletter but, if this link doesn’t […]

Well Funding Complete!

YEA! I just got an e-mail from Tim Winter, a Fredericktowne Rotarian who is handling the grant process, that the final funds will soon be allocated and the project will actually begin very soon.

The Rotary Foundation will not allow a project to start until they have received all funds from contributors. Sounds like a […]

Poor Sanitation in Kenya Costs US $324 million/year

The World Bank’s Water and Sanitation Program has a new visual, Infographic: What’s a Toilet Worth? The global cost of poor sanitation is estimated at a yearly US$260 billion. You can read the entire article here but in Kenya alone the cost is US$324 million from premature death, health care costs, and lost work hours […]