Chalica Day 2

Today the Chalica focus is on Principle #2:  Justice, equity and compassion in human relations. When I sat down at my computer to muse about this principle a few minutes ago, my mind was blank and my body tired. I looked at the UUA website to find a hint where to direct my thoughts (other than a warm bed and a stupid television program) and I read:

And what is Chalica exactly? It’s an invitation to spend a day with each of the Principles, reflecting on their meaning and doing a good deed focused on each one.

Hey, I thought, that’s why I’m so tired.  A dear friend had knee replacement surgery early today and I awoke at 5:30 thinking about her.  The day was filled as I worked with Dorothea Mordan, who does pro bono IT work for our social justice website, met with Rev. Carl Gregg, UUCF minister, and Dick Roblin to plan a congregation-wide social justice initiative and a potluck dinner to celebrate Maryland approval of referendums on marriage equality and the Dream Act, got a text message from Jackson saying he was in Narok, Kenya, and to SMS (i.e., text) if I needed to reach him, since he left his computer at Oltorotua.  For non-Marylanders, that may sound like blather but basically means I was working for social justice in a lot of areas with many different folks of various races, genders, and ethnic groups.

Whew!  Then I came home and fixed a big salmon dinner for two good old white guys, my husband Carl and friend Dave Hutchins before they left for a meeting at a nearby prison!  Love and admire ’em both for the work they do there with the Alternatives to Violence Project.  I think today we covered Principle #2 pretty well!  Leave a comment, please, if today you have done something related to justice, equity and compassion.

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