Chalica Day 3


I thought today’s UU Principle #3 would be difficult for me to write about:  Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth. Then I remembered Mary Leakey, the renowned paleoanthropologist, wrote that Africa had immediately “cast its spell” on her when she first went there. I feel the same way. A spiritual feeling, as intense (or perhaps moreso) as in any cathedral or place of worship, comes over me when I am in East Africa, sitting quietly and watching a dazzling sunset or a graceful giraffe nibbling leaves or weaver bird nests swinging from a tree or ….  Nature in its glory here in the US also often thrills me, but I am more cognizant of feeling a deep intake of breath, a feeling of wholeness, of connection to the earth — a spiritual feeling — in Africa.

I hope you leave a comment where and when a special peace and spirituality has surrounded you.

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