Principle #4:  A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.  At first I thought my husband, who reads all kinds of deep, philosophical books (yeah–boring to me) was more likely to search for “truth and meaning” than I do. My motto is best summed up by the Nike ad, “Just do it.” Then today I was reading Facebook and saw a post from Patty Maeder, a “friend” I have never met and, even if I did, communicating would be difficult. Luckily for me, her English is much, much better than my (nonexistent) knowledge of German. Jackson has been a safari guide for her and her family, they have visited Oltorotua, and, as I told her yesterday, I feel we are “soul sisters” because of our common love of East Africa’s people and wildlife. Below is her post on FB and my response. Not deep…but a heartfelt search for life’s meaning in this small reaching across miles and three continents….

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