Steve King, of Leonardtown Rotary and our water guru, sent me this video of a guy photographing a cheetah on top of their vehicle in the Mara.  Obviously, another person was back of him to video the excitement.  Notice how many “wagons are circled” to watch by the end of the video!

<a href=””>Cheetah Jumps On Safari Jeep – the Bubble</a>.

When we visited the Mara in 2004, Paul Kirui introduced us to a cheetah named Princess.  My husband, Carl, took photos, which I’m attaching as a pdf.  We were in the Land Rover next to the one in the photo.  You can see heads taking pictures, then Princess got up and a few heads disappeared.  When she turned the other way, everyone in the Land Rover sat down.   Cheetah story

Obviously the folks in 2004 were not so brave (or were smarter, depending on your point of view) than the chap in the video!



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