Closer to Digging the Wells

Yesterday Steve King, water & sanitation guru par excellence, and I met with Tim Winter of the Fredericktowne Rotary.  Steve filled in Tim, who will now honcho the Oltorotua Water & Sanitation project, about the status of the grant application. The bad news is that, with new budget projections, we now need $41,619.00 for Phase #1 BUT we need only $3,862 in cash contributions.

Steve helped me with the financial calculations and, as of Dec. 19, 4:43 p.m. EST in the US, I have changed the thermometer.  My problem was not understanding what  we actually need to raise and confusion between pledges and donations.  We have several months to seek the additional roughly $4,000, and all of us connected to the project feel the amount needed is doable.

Steve is completing the grant application today and as soon as Tim gives him the thumbs up, he will hit “Submit” to send it to Rotary International for final approval. At that point Fredericktowne Rotary will take over as lead club. We are on our way. A big step forward! Thanks, Tim. We welcome your help and that of Fredericktowne Rotary.

P.S. Vote every day for Charity Miles. Rotary International is running a close second.

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