Final Steps to Completion of Oltorotua's Well

Here are photos Jackson Liaram sent, with an explanation from Steve King of the Leonardtown Rotary Club. Steve wrote the grant and shepherded it through the initial stages until Tim Winter, Deborah Morrone and the Fredericktowne Rotary with Catherine Tomno and Benson Lukania of the Rotary Club of Nakuru-Great Rift Valley, took on responsibility for oversight of the grant and actual work. Contributions from friends and members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick were responsible for about 1/4 the cost of the well, however, and Rotary has generously acknowledged that financial help in their publications. IMG_3845

1. Jackson in front of stone delivered for new water storage tank pedestal. 2. IMG_3852View from opposite direction of Jackson’s photo, above. Photo of footer that has been dug for new stone water storage tank pedestal. New well (borehole) casing protruding from ground in lower left hand corner. Sand in background being delivered for mixing with cement and water to make mortar. 3. IMG_3840Mason and helper preparing to lay mortar and stone on top of footer. 4. IMG_3852Sand being delivered for mortar.               5. IMG_3874New stone pedestal for new 10,000 liter water storage tank. New well (borehole) casing protruding from ground in lower left hand corner. Hopefully pressurized water system using force of gravity will protect tank from elephants and other large animals. 6.  IMG_3881[1]Villagers digging trench for pipes 3 feet deep to run from well to farthest homes in Oltorotua. Quite a work-intensive job to hoe so far and so deep! But elephants smell water so it’s necessary.

7. IMG_3892 Oltorotua residents assist contractors with lowering new submersible pump down well (borehole) casing. 8.  IMG_3894Lowering the new submersible pump down the well on the 1.5″ diameter PVC column.  [Steve believes the man in the white-stripped shirt is Rotarian Benson Lukania  (Rotary Club of Nakuru-Great Rift Valley) who is overseeing all of the work.] 9.  IMG_3909Women and children waiting to fill their water containers with clean water from the new well and storage tank.     More photos and description of this exciting time in Oltorotua with next post!

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