Gazetting the Drilling Tender Tomorrow

Pundits oft times say Britain and America are “two nations divided by a common language.” Which may have possibly been said by Winston Churchill, George Bernard Shaw or Oscar Wilde. Which, in turn, suggests the Monty Python skit in which Wilde and Shaw take turns exchanging witticisms before the King. Wilde repeatedly reacts to Shaw’s jibes by saying, “I wish I’d said that,” to which Shaw responds, “You will, Oscar, you will.” I looked up this last little vignette and its source is also suspect but, nonetheless, it’s a nice witticism. Today’s e-mail from Jackson supports both quips, since Kenya was once a Brit colony (a whole other post or maybe a fat book) and English, along with Swahili, is one of the country’s official languages. Jackson wrote:

Dan Odero said he will gazette the drilling tender tomorrow in the local newspaper, open for drilling companies to apply. I will let you know if I see it in the newspaper.

Luckily, context fills in most of the content but, for Americans who are Anglophiles, in King’s (or Queen’s) English* gazette means to announce or publish and tender tells us that Dan Odero, our hydrogeologist, will offer drilling companies the opportunity to bid on digging the boreholes for Oltorotua.

Jackson also wrote that he is still at home but will be returning to camp in a few days and added,

“Susan and children are doing well. It is still dry in village, seems like rains are late. This is when village needs water most. We are moving our cattle closer to the Mara for pasture and water. If we had water in village; the impact of the drought could be less by 70%.”

To all of which I say (hopefully in correct Swahili), “Habari nzuri.”  Good news, indeed, that a company to dig the wells will soon be selected!

*English as spoken and written by educated Brits.

Photo:Catherine Tomno, Past President of Nakuru -The Great Rift Valley Rotary Club and chair of project oversight; Dan Odero, Hydrogeologist; and Jackson Liaram, Spark Plug of the Oltorotua Well Project (or in Brit English, Sparking Plug!)


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4 comments to Gazetting the Drilling Tender Tomorrow

  • Paul

    English language aside, this project has lately made me excited each time a new step has been achieved towards digging the wells is concerned. I personally know too well the suffering of the villagers at Oltototua. The commisioning, on completion of this project will bring a great joy to the villagers and will instantly become their lifeline as far as water need is concerned. To Mary, i admire your spirit and efforts invested in this.

  • Judy

    Exciting, Mary, and outstanding post. Hard to believe how much the acquisition of water will change the lives of the citizens of Oltorotua.

  • marybk

    Thanks so much, Paul, for your encouragement on the wells. And, as I’ve told you before, thanks for introducing me to Jackson and moving my life, and Carl’s too, in a very different, very positive direction. I can’t imagine not having an e-mail telling me what is happening at camp or in Oltorotua and how the family is. All because of your good heart!