It's All about Me! (And Digging Those Wells)

Dr. Jan Bowman, an award-winning Maryland fiction writer and photographer, interviewed me for her blog.  If you want to find out more about me and encourage others to Dig This Well!, please repost or “like” this on Facebook.

To read more from Jan, including several stories she has written, visit her home page.  Writing in prose, her language rings with the clarity of poetry.  This Arrow Marks Me, published in  the Sept./Oct.  2011 issue of The Broadkill Review, begins:

“Lose the breast?” My lips go numb with disbelief. As if I could lose my breast and suffer only the mild regret of leaving my breast, like my favorite pen, at the bank. I am in Dr. X’s office, getting good news and bad news, but right now I don’t know which words are intended to be good news. Words like mastectomy, malignancy, and metastasized wash over me. Words surging, in and out of my head, like ocean tides.


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