JAMBO!--My Talk at Community Montessori School

The theme for the week at my daughter Bonnie Redmond’s Community Montessori School was charities and she asked me to talk for about 20 minutes to the 3-5 year olds. The group of 3 combined classes numbered about 50+ and what a wonderful bunch of smart, smiling, pleasant youngsters they were. Regardless of age, I always start out with the Swahili greeting for hello–JAMBO! Said with a bright smile on the face, the way Kenyans do. They happily said, “Jambo!” back, loud and enthusiastically.

Then I showed them some photos my husband, Carl, took before I talked about Kenya’s being a country that needs a helping hand. I showed them a photo of Lilian, a student our church sponsors through Kenya Self-Help Project (KSHP), because high schools in Kenya are private and costly for many families. Lilian is a very smart young woman who has earned a scholarship to Moi University. She is studying to become a doctor and who knows how many others she will in turn help by the helping hand we have given her.

Then I told the class about Jackson and why we want to dig wells and build latrines at his village. I gave Taylor 38 cents to put in a jar.  How will those 38 cents help dig the wells for Oltorotua? Here is what the sign on the jar says:

Can You Donate 38¢?  (More is okay!)  38¢ x 100 people will provide one Oltorotua villager with clear, potable well water & change that person’s life…for life.

The jar will remain at the desk in the main office until the holidays.  The kids were very hyped about that and I hope some coins from the youngsters find their way to the jar! One chap said he could get some money from his father when he emptied his pockets. Bonnie told him it would be good to ask first!

And last — technology still amazes me.  At 11:40 a.m. I texted Jackson to double-check what animal’s tail is used to make the fly chaser (see below, with beaded handle).  A few minutes later, from half-way around the world, Jackson texted back, “Wildebeest tail.”

Each student touched the bristly wildebeest tail as they left the classroom for lunch.  A fun day for me!

(Note:  100% of money donated to KSHP and Dig This Well! go directly to Kenya.  No money is deducted for fund-raising or administrative costs and safe-guards are in place to assure they reach the Kenyans for whom the money is intended.)

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