One More Step to Our

The “Big Dig” in Boston was what Wikipedia calls a megaproject.  Our big dig is a lot less, well, big. In fact, it wouldn’t seem like a major project to many of us but, when you walk every day for water of questionable quality (read 5 miles for dirty, often muddy, contaminated water that must be boiled), it is a big, important dig for you!  The villagers were very enthusiastic when a firm, asked to submit a cost estimate for providing hygiene and sanitation training, visited them several weeks ago. However, Jackson recently wrote me, “I get to be asked one question by almost every villager ‘When is the water coming?'”

Good news about our taking one more small step! Today Jackson wrote this e-mail (Catherine Tomno is last year’s Nakuru Rotary president and remains chair of the Oltorotua project):

I just had a phone talk with Catherine. Members of  the company to provide training have sent her the report following the visit to the village. Catherine was out of town for some days and she could not email. Members of Nakuru Rotary will be working on the report in 1-2 days, then Catherine will send it to Steve.

Here are some facts about water equality from a bulletin of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, Rights Now Summer/Fall 2012.  When I sent this to Jackson, he replied, “It sounds like the information on the PDF was collected from my village. It is all facts!”




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