Poem to Welcome Spring & Jackson

Mary Fletcher & Jackson

Mary Fletcher & Jackson

This post is more a musing about how happy I am both to welcome spring and to begin a 4-day countdown till Jackson arrives in the US.  For those of you in year-round warm climes, please know that, much as we enjoy the change of seasons, the very best time of year is the advent of spring, with flowers and flowering trees ablaze with color and the sweet breath of spring air in our nostrils!

Last Sunday at our UU service, Mary Fletcher read a poem she wrote to welcome spring and she has kindly given permission to share it here. Since Jackson Liaram arrives Saturday to visit us, I am including a photo of Mary and Jackson when he drove to her safari camp in Kenya’s Maasai Mara to meet her.

The Earth Speaks

It’s Spring! And resurrection is everywhere!

Crocuses push aside the pale leaf skeletons–

Shields of my body through the travail of Winter.

Sweet water climbs from my depths

Through roots to small branches and

A green renaissance overcomes the trees.

Only yesterday, they were stark with the grey palor of death.

Daffodils have burst through my skin and trumpet their joy at rebirth.

Periwinkle and Henbit spread blue picnic cloths over the fields,

While, just last week, the old year’s corn stubble

Jutted its mousey spikes in their place.

Bluebells rejoice by the river.

All of me, and you are a part, participate in the

Dissolution of the old, and emergence of the seeming new–

You light this fire and extinguish it, again and again, and again,

As you have done since the beginning.

Yet you no longer celebrate, really celebrate, the miracle of rebirth–

The amazing possiblilty of re-igniting this flame.

You have paved over paradise and put up a parking lot.

My children, I do not understand you any more.

You have lost your capacity for wonder.

Come on, rejoice!

Rejoice, it’s Spring.

Mary Fletcher, April 13, 2013.

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