Powerful Video about Sanitation and Drinking Water

Description of a powerful video from Community-Led Total Sanitation.

Let’s face it, s**t is disgusting. And food and water contaminated with s**t kills one child worldwide every 20 seconds – more than AIDS and Malaria combined.

But THE LAST TABOO is not a worthy documentary with a righteous message. Instead it uses humour and sincerity to tell the stories of two remarkable Kenyan men who are helping their local communities to stop defecating in the open and start building toilets.

And that’s a tall order when over 60% of all Kenyans use the bush rather than the bathroom, in thrall to all sorts of taboos and cultural barriers.

In Ganze village,the charismatic Chief Charro takes his villagers through a remarkable ‘triggering’ process, collecting fresh feces and shocking his community into change. And in the slums of Nairobi Mambo Dennis makes s**t his business, bringing people together to demand change and more latrines.

Unflinchingly and with affection, THE LAST TABOO shines a light on an unsolved public health crisis to inspire the audience to believe in people power and the possibilities for change.

I can’t seem to embed the video but it can be seen here.

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