Commissioning/Dedication of Well

The Maryland District 7620 Rotarians and members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick, MD (UUCF), with safari guides, enjoyed getting to know each other during dinner at the Fig Tree Camp on Friday evening, February 13.

Early the next morning, Saturday, February 14, 2015, members of UUCF joined Rotarians from Maryland and Nakuru-Great […]

Article in

Click here to read an excellent article on the design and construction of the Oltorotua well.

The villagers have also recently taken part in well maintenance and training in sanitation and hygiene.


The dedication (what Kenyans call commissioning) is set for Saturday, February 14. Valentine’s Day is a great day to celebrate […]

Water Is Flowing from the Well

Water is flowing from the well and thanks are flowing from the Villagers!

Because of my husband Carl’s illness and passing, I have not posted for many months. However, for several years our Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick (UUCF) has shared our collection once a month (called split-plates) with non-profit organizations not only locally […]

Final Steps to Completion of Oltorotua's Well

Here are photos Jackson Liaram sent, with an explanation from Steve King of the Leonardtown Rotary Club. Steve wrote the grant and shepherded it through the initial stages until Tim Winter, Deborah Morrone and the Fredericktowne Rotary with Catherine Tomno and Benson Lukania of the Rotary Club of Nakuru-Great Rift Valley, took on responsibility for […]

Fresh Water in Oltorotua!

Dan Odero, our hydrogeologist, sent an e-mail with the good news at 2:55 EST this afternoon:

Hi All,

Newsflash started drilling today hit water at 72m this evening. Will keep you updated.



Seventy-two meters is 236 feet, a deep well, but, as Steve King said when he phoned me, “At least they hit […]

Gazetting the Drilling Tender Tomorrow

Pundits oft times say Britain and America are “two nations divided by a common language.” Which may have possibly been said by Winston Churchill, George Bernard Shaw or Oscar Wilde. Which, in turn, suggests the Monty Python skit in which Wilde and Shaw take turns exchanging witticisms before the King. Wilde repeatedly reacts to Shaw’s […]

Well Update

You’d think I would get a lot done during the two weeks awaiting the birth of my first great-grandchild. I did. But I had fun with family, who made travel plans based on dr.’s estimated due date. Like all babies, Olivia Hope Wiesman, 7 lbs., arrived on her own time schedule, Oct. 22. She is, […]

Another Step to Digging and a Photo in Frederick Paper

Two very positive events!

The photo shown here was printed in the Frederick News-Post on July 17 with the headline “Clean Water Project in Kenya.” I’m shown with Maida Wright, who invited me to speak. Maida is holding one of the necklaces the women of the village made for me when we were made honorary […]

Thanks from Jackson Liaram


Photos: Jackson with Betsy Pakenas, President, Rotary Club of Frederick, and with Georganne Berry at Chincoteague.


E-mail thanks from Jackson. Don’t you love his saying the village now has “a smile of hope”?

Dear All,

Now at home in the village of Oltorotua, everyone meeting me with smile of hope!

I […]

Poem to Welcome Spring & Jackson

Mary Fletcher & Jackson

This post is more a musing about how happy I am both to welcome spring and to begin a 4-day countdown till Jackson arrives in the US. For those of you in year-round warm climes, please know that, much as we enjoy the change of seasons, the very best time […]