Visit by Patty & Paul Maeder to Oltorotua

As a safari guide, Jackson takes many visitors around Amboseli National Park and the Selenkay Conservancy. Most of the time he loves his work, although last week was rough. He says driving on muddy roads in Kenya is as difficult as driving on ice and snow in the US. But he loves meeting visitors, mostly […]

Wells for Oltorotua!

Today’s post is the latest news from Tim Winter, as he takes over leadership of the Oltorotua project. His e-mail said:

Thanks to Steve King’s great leadership, we are ready to submit our Global Grant application for the Oltorotua Clean Water Project.

and he concluded with:

We are really looking forward to beginning work soon!


Can a well in Kenya move?

Sort of a trick question and yes, I admit, it’s a pretty weak one! A well can’t travel but an application to dig one can. Steve King, with whom Jackson and I have been in frequent contact since he took on the job of writing the grant for the Oltorotua Clean Water and Sanitation Project […]


Principle #4: A free and responsible search for truth and meaning. At first I thought my husband, who reads all kinds of deep, philosophical books (yeah–boring to me) was more likely to search for “truth and meaning” than I do. My motto is best summed up by the Nike ad, “Just do it.” Then today […]

JAMBO!--My Talk at Community Montessori School

The theme for the week at my daughter Bonnie Redmond’s Community Montessori School was charities and she asked me to talk for about 20 minutes to the 3-5 year olds. The group of 3 combined classes numbered about 50+ and what a wonderful bunch of smart, smiling, pleasant youngsters they were. Regardless of age, I […]

One More Step to Our

The “Big Dig” in Boston was what Wikipedia calls a megaproject. Our big dig is a lot less, well, big. In fact, it wouldn’t seem like a major project to many of us but, when you walk every day for water of questionable quality (read 5 miles for dirty, often muddy, contaminated water that must […]

Article in Highlights for Children

If you have access to Highlights for Children, a photo-essay about Jackson is in the October issue, pp. 22-23. I wrote the article and Carl took the photos on our 2008 trip to the Mara. Although one of my favorite photos, a mother lion nuzzling with her cub, was cut, we are very proud of […]

Wildebeest at Amboseli

In this brief video, Jackson Liaram explains that we are watching the white-bearded wildebeest (Dutch for wild beast), or gnu. They live about 20 years if they survive being a meal for predators. In fact, altho’ their name derives from a menacing appearance, the National Geographic website points out that the wildebeest “is better […]

Visit to Kenya

Carl and I returned yesterday evening from a trip to Kenya, surely one of the world’s most fascinating travel destinations. (Daughter Hope and g’daughter Becky went on to trek in Rwanda. Hope e-mailed this morning that they saw two gorilla families.) I’ll include photos and items from my journal in the coming days. In brief […]

State Department 2 - Jackson 0

I received a quick response from Kari Snyder. Dr. Bartlett is lucky to have such an efficient, competent person as Kari, but I was disappointed in what Mr. Schultz told her.

Mrs. Bowman-Kruhm,

I spoke with Mr. Schultz, the congressional liaison at the State Department in DC, and he informed me that Jackson Liaram was […]