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Click here to read an excellent article on the design and construction of the Oltorotua well.

The villagers have also recently taken part in well maintenance and training in sanitation and hygiene.


The dedication (what Kenyans call commissioning) is set for Saturday, February 14. Valentine’s Day is a great day to celebrate […]

Update on Oltorotua Wells from Fredericktowne Rotarians Who Visited

Yesterday evening I heard an excellent and fun presentation Deb Morrone and Tim Winter of the Fredericktowne Rotary made about their trip to Oltorotua. Since only one borehole yielded water, work is continuing to supply water from that one ample flow to all the compounds in the village. Tim wrote a request, which we hope […]

Well Funding Complete!

YEA! I just got an e-mail from Tim Winter, a Fredericktowne Rotarian who is handling the grant process, that the final funds will soon be allocated and the project will actually begin very soon.

The Rotary Foundation will not allow a project to start until they have received all funds from contributors. Sounds like a […]

What Grant Approval by The Rotary Foundation Means & Thanks to You

Digging Wells for Oltorotua

The approval of the grant by The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is a huge step forward. It means that three wells will be dug and the villagers will be provided hygiene training, to take advantage of the health benefits from clean water. It also means the Nakuru-Great Rift Valley (GRV) Rotary Club […]


Steve King, of Leonardtown Rotary and our water guru, sent me this video of a guy photographing a cheetah on top of their vehicle in the Mara. Obviously, another person was back of him to video the excitement. Notice how many “wagons are circled” to watch by the end of the video!

<a href=””>Cheetah Jumps […]

MD District 7620 Rotary visits Kenya District 9200 Rotary!

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On Tuesday evening, Valentine’s Day, Steve King, a member of the Leonardtown Rotary Club, and two colleagues from the Lexington Park club, all in District 7620, will fly to Nairobi. They will meet President Catherine Tomno and other members of the Nakuru-Great Rift Valley Rotary Club, District 9200. On their way to Oltorotua, Jackson Liaram […]