Well Update

You’d think I would get a lot done during the two weeks awaiting the birth of my first great-grandchild. I did. But I had fun with family, who made travel plans based on dr.’s estimated due date. Like all babies, Olivia Hope Wiesman, 7 lbs., arrived on her own time schedule, Oct. 22. She is, […]

Another Step to Digging and a Photo in Frederick Paper

Two very positive events!

The photo shown here was printed in the Frederick News-Post on July 17 with the headline “Clean Water Project in Kenya.” I’m shown with Maida Wright, who invited me to speak. Maida is holding one of the necklaces the women of the village made for me when we were made honorary […]

Shared Info. about the Massai with Zonta

Last evening I talked about Dig This Well! with Frederick Zonta members. They were enthusiastic and wonderfully receptive to hearing about the Maasai culture, Kenya, how Carl and I met Jackson, and how the well project developed.

Zonta, I discovered, is a global service organization of professional women dedicated to working together “to advance the […]

Contributions to Oltorotua wells through UU Congregation of Frederick

The UUCF treasurer, Janice Schlepp, e-mailed us that the collection from the congregation was more than I initially thought. Which is why I was a teacher and not an accountant. Janice wrote that a check to Rotary will go into Monday’s mail:

The amount of the check I wrote today to the Fredericktowne Rotary Club […]

What Grant Approval by The Rotary Foundation Means & Thanks to You

Digging Wells for Oltorotua

The approval of the grant by The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is a huge step forward. It means that three wells will be dug and the villagers will be provided hygiene training, to take advantage of the health benefits from clean water. It also means the Nakuru-Great Rift Valley (GRV) Rotary Club […]

The Rotary Foundation Approves the Oltorotua Grant Applications!

Soon no more daily lugging big containers of marginally-drinkable water for the women of Oltorotua. Three wells will provide clean, potable water. More tomorrow, but I want to share that The Rotary Foundation approved the grant application.


Dr. Jan Bowman, a long-time friend, gave me permission to include what she calls “creative nonfiction” here. I think it is so beautiful and touching and true that it is closer to poetry. Enjoy! Then please check out her website for some fascinating fictional short stories. And last, a happy hurrah shout-out to Jan and […]

On to The Rotary Foundation!

Very, very good news! The grant application for the Oltorotua Well & Sanitation Project got the needed signatures of Rotary district governors in Kenya and has now moved along to The Rotary Foundation (TRF). TRF is the non-profit corporation that supports grants throughout the world. How wonderful that Jackson’s visit coincides with what Steve King […]

Today is World Water Day!



Today is World Water Day, 2013. Access to potable water is recognized as one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Because the United Nation’s “Millenium Goal” is to provide access to half of the 1.1 billion people in the world who do not now have potable clean water and sanitation […]

Visit by Patty & Paul Maeder to Oltorotua

As a safari guide, Jackson takes many visitors around Amboseli National Park and the Selenkay Conservancy. Most of the time he loves his work, although last week was rough. He says driving on muddy roads in Kenya is as difficult as driving on ice and snow in the US. But he loves meeting visitors, mostly […]