Water Is Flowing from the Well

DSC00101 DSC00100Water is flowing from the well and thanks are flowing from the Villagers!

Because of my husband Carl’s illness and passing, I have not posted for many months. However, for several years our Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick (UUCF) has shared our collection once a month (called split-plates) with non-profit organizations not only locally but also in developing countries, where US dollars go far. Digging a village well (with much help from MD and Kenyan Rotary Clubs, who truly made it happen) was one of our bigger endeavors, as those of you who have traveled this blog trip with me for a number of years well know.

The well is now a reality! We received this message from Jackson Liaram, who honchoed the project in his village:

“All is well in Oltorotua, and everyone is very HAPPY with the service of the Borehole. A lot of women are now engaging in income generating activities like beads projects for sale because of saving time from not walking far for Water. Not to mention the improvement of cleanliness in the village.”

Tests show a good quality and quantity of water except for floride levels, which can cause long-term bone and teeth problems. Steve King, retired manager of a major water and sanitation system and writer of the initial Rotary grant, emphasized to the villagers that this is a concern when consumed for many years and “the amount of floride in your water will not hurt or injure you in a short period of time!” Installation of a defloration process to solve the floride problem and also conduct training for sanitation and well maintenance was made possible by MD Rotary contributions coupled with a small UUCF donation and the final grant approved. Special thanks are also due Benson Lukania and Catherine Tomno with the Nakuru club and Tim Winter and Deb Morrone with Fredericktowne (MD) Rotary.

This may seem like a yawner to those of us who flick a faucet to get clean water. But it is not in Kenya! Nakuru-Great Rift Valley Rotary will officially turn the well over to the village between January 15 and February 15. Everyone is invited! From the US, airfare is about $900.00 and a safari guide for a 10-day tour of Samburu and the Mara will add about $5900 to that. Contact me (writer@marybk.com) for questions and details. This is truly a HUGE DEAL in Kenya, with possibly government officials attending and I think I am correct when I say there will be a big Maasai thank you to those of us who attend. I hope to be there and hope to meet some US Rotary members who were so pivotal in this project’s success.

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