The wells are coming, the wells are coming!

U.S. readers will recognize “The wells are coming!” as a take-off of the shout-out attributed to Paul Revere when he rode through the countryside to warn colonists that the British were coming. In this case, we are relieved and happy that, at last, the date has been set to dig the three boreholes at Oltorotua. As I have told Jackson several times, the Maasai women of Oltorotua have been a lot more patient than most American women would be if we had to walk over 10 miles a day for containers of impure water and then boil it for drinking or cooking. At last, however, the contract has been signed and digging will soon begin! Many, many thanks to everyone who has helped with this project. I know I speak for the villagers when I express appreciation. You are definitely changing their lives forever!


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