World Toilet Day and More

First, I want to add two more bloggers who keep us web surfers informed about nonfiction good reads, especially the review of books for young people:

Second, darn it! — I have been away from my computer and missed World Toilet Day. I just read about it in Wasrag, the e-newsletter of the Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action group formed in 2007 and now recognized by Rotary International.  (You gotta love the name Wasrag that some creative soul picked for this group!)  Anyway, google “World Toilet Day” on You Tube to find out more.  I am not embedding any video here because those I watched fall into the category of Facts or Funny:

  • Facts:  2.6 billion people face every day without access to proper, clean sanitation and also suffer health and emotional and psychological consequences.
  • Funny:  To get their point across, toilet humor is de rigueur.

Take your choice which you prefer!

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