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Oltorotua is a village of about 200 in the Maasai Mara in Kenya. UUCF has had a connection to Oltorotua since 2007. Together with Rotary, we helped the villagers dig a well. This allowed the girls to go to school instead of walking miles to get unsafe water. A delegation from UUCF went to the dedication of the well in 2015.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a crisis to Oltorotua. Most of the men worked in tourism, either as game guides or in the small safari hotels. All of the hotels are closed and there are no tourists. Food is available, if money ($500/week) is available. IT IS POSSIBLE THE ECONOMIC DEPRESSION WILL KILL MORE PEOPLE THAN COVID-19! Jane and I want to feed this village until the world is sane again. We would welcome contributions from others. You can (1) mail a check to UUCF or (2) go to our website and click To DONATE Click Here. Indicate “Dig this well” or Oltorotua.

Our job now is to keep the villagers alive so they can drink the water!

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