Help Needed for Well Repair

Jackson Liaram sent us photos of the damage a strong storm did last week. The solar panels that provided the energy to pump well water were knocked completely out. Today we found that the damages will cost US $9,000.00. Returning to drinking water that resembles chocolate milk is simply not an option. Please send donations directly through the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick, which provided initial funding and we promise the money goes directly into secure bank accounts here and in Kenya, both maintained by people we know and trust. Please specify “Kenya” if you donate. Checks mailed to UUCF also welcome.

I want to note contributions from Rotary Clubs in Maryland and the Rotary Foundation and from individual donors were crucial and provided most of the funding to dig the well. All help welcome whether you know of our outreach to the people of this remote Kenyan village or are new to our website. Many thanks to all!

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